Rental software

Reflex has developed an online booking and reservation for recreation entrepreneurs. It is ideal for holiday resort and parks and the rental of houses, villas and apartments. It is also well suited for camping en tent rentals. This Reflex software offers extensive opportunities – Support for mobile Internet – Also including linkups with and your own customer database or CRM module.

The Reflex application also has a very useful tool to send newsletters or customer satisfaction surveys. It is multi lingual and has features to improve your rankings in online search engines.

In other words: Reflex is more than booking software. Reflex is also a partner for the recreation entrepreneurs and helps them increase turnover and grow the business.

Appointment scheduling software

Reflex Appointment software is ideally suited for large businesses, retail outlets and (semi) government organizations. It enables customers to schedule an appointment when it suits them best. It provides added value to all business and organizations by enabling them to manage the customer contacts smoothly and efficiently.

When we plan to make a new purchase, we search and discover, we discuss it with our friends and use the internet. However, in many cases we still prefer to actually see and touch the product and if possible get expert advice before we purchase.

The web shop will never fully replace the physical store, but the global shopping mall is going to change and the store owner or manager is going to have to learn how to provide the customer with a more personal experience. A good step in that direct is to offer the service to schedule an appointment.

Reflex software is safe and reliable and has proven itself with various customers with a large number of stores or locations. We are your partner during the implementation and help you to configure the system to meet your specific requirements.

Rental software

Reflex also offers interesting solutions for optimizing resources within your organization. In this case your employees are the customers that can experience the value of efficiency. Reflex has developed software for booking meeting rooms online. It has all the necessary features and is much easier to use than traditional facility management solutions.

Another useful application of Reflex can be used to plan the exchange of equipment. For example when a large amount of employees need to get a new telephone or PC, Reflex is the ideal tool to invite the employees to schedule their own exchange appointment.