Customer journey

Most consumers we are on a trip to make a purchase. The so called customer journey. We search and discover, we discuss it with our friends and use the internet. We look for opinions, reviews to help us decide. In many cases we still prefer to actually see and touch the product and if possible get expert advice before we purchase, but we don’t want to wait for a sales person in the store.

Customer experience

Reflex Appointment XL, appointment scheduling software enables your company to plan a direct contact engagement with your customer on this quest to find the right product or service. By providing a personal online appointment scheduling service you can distinguish your business from your competitors. You give your customer an additional service and experience that can be the key motivator to purchase your product.

Personal attention and increased conversion rate

Your employees can prepare for the scheduled appointment, greet the customer by name and immediately provide the information the customer is looking for. Like Ferry Kurver from the D-Reizen travel agency says: “The Reflex appointment scheduling module increases customer satisfaction. The personal attention and genuine interest feel good. Until now each scheduled appointment results in a booking.”

Cross channel, omni channel and multichannel marketing

Online appointment scheduling will become a vital part of your cross channel, omni channel or multichannel marketing strategy. Offering the freedom to schedule, combined with personal attention really increases the customer experience. See the D-Reizen example.

Customer experience business intelligence

Reflex Appointment XL provides you valuable information. Because all scheduled appointments are stored in a database, you have access to detailed information on your customer’s needs. You have a full, drill down, overview of your customer engagements from website visit (inline research) to online appointment (select) to the order (buy) rolled up by store, region or country. Reflex also enables you to measure customer satisfaction using a survey questionnaire after each appointment.

Personal invitation

Using the customer details you collect within Reflex, you can invite your existing customers to view or sample new product or service offerings, with a personal email contain the correct contact details and aimed at the appropriate service, in the most suitable store and even with the preferred employee.

Better occupation rates by an even spread of appointments

The Reflex online appointment system enables you to spread out your appointment over traditionally quiet days to minimize the traffic on busy shopping days or evenings. The appointment database gives you a valuable insight into the number of appointments per store or region. With that information you can manage your capacity in the stores to ensure reduced waiting time for your customers.