Software for online appointments

With Reflex Appointment, your customers can make an appointment online with your company or organization at any time. This gives retailers the opportunity to offer better service and generate more contact moments. Educational institutions can save a lot of time, and for service providers Reflex Appointment is the solution for their multichannel strategy to help customers better and more efficiently.

Reflex Appointment is also a handy tool for regularly recurring appointments with customers, be it for maintenance of the car or a renewal of the passport. Think about projects and events where many appointments have to be scheduled in a short period, such as at a parents' evening at school or organising people to receive the flu vaccination. Our software can streamline these events.

Reflex Appointment is also a handy tool within an organization itself, for example for the HR or P&O department. HR departments are always busy with arranging all sorts of activities, including assessment or performance interviews, medical examinations, courses and training for retraining and skill improvement. The software can even accommodate for the exchange of laptops or mobile phones.

Safety first

The Reflex appointment software contributes to convenience and efficiency, both for your customers and your company or organization, and offers a lot of extra insight and information. In addition, safety at Reflex is of paramount importance. The software is hosted on Windows Azure by Microsoft. This reliable and secure cloud service is fully ISO certified and meets all requirements. Our contract with Windows Azure ensures that all data stays within Europe. Reflex also conducts annual penetration tests by an external party to ensure that third parties can not access your data.

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For retailers: a link between online store and branch 

For (large) retail chains, Reflex Appointment is the link between online and offline, between online store and branch. This is because the customer still wants to be able to see or have a lot of products to choose from, but also have an expert opinion if available. The possibility to make an appointment online is experienced as an extra service, bringing more customers into your business and increasing the chance of a purchase. 
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For educational institutions: convenience and time saving 

The Reflex appointment system is a solution for educational institutions to improve their efficiency. Pupils, students or parents can make an appointment online with this program in an easy way. It saves your organization a lot of time and you can direct the customer flow in the right direction. Various primary schools, ROCs, HBO programs and Universities use Reflex Appointment, just like the Edufax company for international educational support. 
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For service providers: multi-channel management 

Our system gives you a higher quality and more efficient service. An increasing number of service organizations are working with a strategy of multi-channel management and deploying in-office, telephone, website and social media methods to achieve this. Reflex Appointment can form an important part of this, and is already successfully doing so at DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs), the Chamber of Commerce and insurer a.s.r .. They work more and more by appointment and less with 'free access'. 
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Schedule appointments for HR and P&O departments 

The Human Resources department (HR) or P&O has a lot of administrative tasks. Scheduling all kinds of appointments takes a lot of time: for job applications, appraisal or performance interviews, medical examinations, and courses and training for retraining and skill improvement. 
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Short-term projects or events 

Reflex Appointment is a useful tool for projects and events where many appointments have to be scheduled in a short period of time. From exchanging laptops to a parents' evening at school. And from giving flu shots to large-scale movement within organizations. 
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