Schedule for HR and P&O appointments

The Human Resources (HR) or P&O department has always had many administrative tasks. The scheduling of all types of appointments takes a lot of time: for applications, appraisal or performance interviews, medical examinations, and courses and training for retraining and upskilling. 

A large number of organizations in the Netherlands have now experienced that Reflex Appointment offers a very suitable tool to arrange a large number of these appointments in a convenient way. They are no longer sending Outlook invitations, changing and canceling Outlook times, keeping track of presence in Excel; but instead they are utilising a central online system that is easily visible to everyone involved. Where possible, the responsibility also remains with your colleagues, and the HR or P&O department no longer needs to be the administrative intermediate station.

Trainings and courses

The Reflex system takes care of the administration of this automatically. For all those involved it is easy to see at a glance who will follow or who has already followed the various trainings. For example, if an employee cannot attend due to an illness then he or she can easily change it themself. The HR or P&O department is thus relieved of this unnecessary duty and can focus on the substantive questions about the training or course. With Reflex Appointment, this department immediately improves the quality of its service.

How does it work?

Reflex Appointment has a direct real-time link with the Outlook agenda of your colleagues. Training and courses are planned directly in the agenda of your colleagues via our online tool so that no misunderstandings can arise about times and locations. Double appointments are also not possible.

Provision applcation

Another application of Reflex Appointment is for the provision of goods, for example, for the issuing or exchange of laptops or mobile phones where many appointments have to be scheduled in a short period of time. Those involved receive an invitation for an appointment by email, including the available days and times, then the mark their preference and receive an email confirmation, which also appears in their (Outlook) agenda. Changes can also be processed automatically, and one day before the appointment the system sends them another reminder. This saves a lot of time, hassle and administration; it can’t be easier!