Online appointment software for retailers

Reflex Appointment is software developed for chains with many branches or stores in all types of sectors. From opticians to electronics stores, from car dealers and garages to holiday shops, Reflex can increase the efficiency of the business. Not only can customers make an appointment online in an easy way, the platform also helps your organization to implement, measure and optimize your customer contact moments.

Reflex software is reliable and equipped with up-to-date security, which is ISO certified and fully scalable in the cloud (Windows Azure). Reflex Appointment XL has proven itself with various customers who have large numbers of branches. We are your partner in the implementation process and also help you to set up the software according to your wishes.

Customer journey

As a consumer, we actually go on a journey towards the final purchase; a customer journey. We orientate ourselves, talk with friends and acquaintances and do research on the internet. We look for opinions and assessments, but also for confirmation. We still want to see a lot of products or to have them in our hands, and if it's possible have expert opinions too. And we all dislike waiting in the store for a vendor to become available.

Customer experience

Reflex Appointment, software for making appointments, offers you as a company an extra opportunity for direct contact with that consumer during his customer journey, during his search for the right product or the right service. By offering a personal appointment online with one of your employees, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. You offer your customer an extra service and an extra experience (customer experience), which can be that added bonus that makes the difference in their final purchase decision.

Personal attention and better conversion

Your employee can prepare himself well, use the customers’ own name and immediately discuss the situation. As one of our customers puts it: "The Reflex appointment module increases customer satisfaction. The personal attention and sincere interest feel good. So far, an online appointment often leads to a booking.”

Customer experience business intelligence

Reflex Appointment also provides you with a lot of information. Because all appointments made are recorded digitally, you are able to clearly understand the customer experience for each customer. You have a complete overview of the contact moments: from website visit (online research), via online appointment (select) and branch visit (select) to the customer order (buy). This is done at corporate, regional and branch levels. You can also ask for the customer experience with every appointment you have made, giving you a reliable and real-time insight into the customers’ satisfaction with the service you provide.

Personal invitation

With the software and the data file you build up, you can invite your existing customers for new products, checks and maintenance. It is done with a personal email (or via other social media), with the correct personal data, focused on the right service in the right store with the right person. 

Improved planning

A system of online appointments makes your planning easier. Appointments can be divided over all (quiet) days and peaks on shopping nights and Saturdays can be avoided. As all appointments are recorded digitally, you have a good insight into the number of appointments per day or week and per branch or region. With this information you can optimally adjust the available capacity, thus reducing the waiting times.