Screen shots of the administration module

Reflex Booking is an online booking and reservation system for recreation entrepreneurs. It is idealy suited for managing bookings for a holiday resort or the reservations of houses, villas and apartments

The screen shots will give an impression of the 'look & feel' of the administration module.


Easy to use and complete booking system

To give you a good idea of the Reflex Booking functionality, you can view per topic what standard featues that are available.

Planning overview




Additional fees and services





Property Owners (extra module)

Tour Operators

Online booking module

Online payment module

Integration with &

Guest surveys

My booking module

My Booking Module

With My Booking you enable your guests to view their own bookings on their pc, tablet and/or smart phone:

  • Address and contact information,
  • Accommodation images and descriptions
  • Booked extras 
  • Booking payment status

Your guests will appreciate these features combined with the possibility to make online payments.

Guest Survey

To help you continuously improve and grow your business, you must be curious about what your guests think about your prices and quality of service. Reflex offers an online guest survey system that is integrated with your Reflex Booking environment.