Layout and look & feel of the search-and-book pages


Reflex Booking offers various options for the search-and-book pages: choose any one of the standard options for layout, filtering, color and font or create your own custom layout.


Standard options

Any one of the standard options can integrated into your website with the use of an iFrame. The iFrame is a mechanism that enables you to insert a HTML website into anither webpage. Reflex has succesfully implemented a number of these with different layouts.



Custom layouts

Reflex Booking also provides support to create your own custom layout for the search-and-book screen. To make use of this feature you need a CMS system that supports a specific plugin that communicates with the Reflex Webservice.

An example:

Advantages and disadvantages

The iFrame is out-of-the-box and ready to integrate into your website. Reflex takes care of the maintenance, for example when web browsers are upgraded. This reduces cost and you only have to deal with one party when it comes to managing your booking website.

Building your own custom using the plugin gives you full flexibility and more possibilities to optimize your Google presence. However you do need a compatible CMS system. This usually also means higher costs and having to deal with multiple parties to build and maintain your booking website.

I-frame or web service?

Both offer advantages and disadvantages. Contact us or give us your contact details and together we will see what is best for you. Please cpntact me