More bookings through your website 

More bookings, that's what it's all about. But to realize this, more structure and more time is often needed. Unfortunately, this is not so easy to realize in practice. Most entrepreneurs already have a day job to organise, including tasks like:

  • Receiving and speaking to clients
  • Responding to requests
  • Doing administration
  • Improving the marketing and findability of their company -
  • Managing the staff
  • And many other things ... 

Structure is therefore important to be able to anticipate the market well. This can only be achieved in 2018 by automating things properly. An essential part of this is making it easy for your customers to make direct bookings via your own website.

Standard variants online booking module

The choice for one of the standard variants is based on the use of an ‘iFrame’. That is a code (a piece of software) with which one can place an HTML website in another website. Reflex has made a number of different variants that lead to differences in layout and presentation.

  • Benefits
  • Fast and simple on your website
  • Multilingual
  • Fully responsive
  • Custom look and adjustable feel
  • Secure booking via SSL
  • Combination of online payment possible 

Customize how you want through our API module 

In addition to the choice of standard variants, Reflex Booking offers the possibility to configure the presentation and layout of the search-and-book pages entirely according to your own wishes. To do this, you must have a CMS system with a specific plug-in (component) that enables communication with Reflex's software via ‘Webservice’. 

Are you looking for a website for your rental organization? 

Online booking has become commonplace. The entrepreneurs we speak to are aware that a good website is essential to achieve the desired conversion from visitor to booker. We ourselves are not an expert in the field of building websites, but your success is certainly our motivation. In recent years we have had good experiences with website partners of different budgets, which we would like to introduce you to. 

I-frame or web service?

Both offer advantages and disadvantages. Contact us or give us your contact details and together we will see what is best for you. Please cpntact me