'Over eighty percent of all customers make an appointment online.' States Jan Kouijzer, multichannel manager at Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO).

In collaboration with Unisys

Under the name Global Hardware Refresh, Unilever has switched more than ten thousand workstations of employees in the past months. Reflex Appointment XL is used for this. Unisys, a global supplier and service provider in the area of IT, is executing this extensive project. Reflex has trained the project employees of Unisys and helped with the initial set up, and also provides support.

a.s.r. recently starting working with Reflex Appointment XL. The insurance company, one of the largest in the Netherlands, uses the software as a component of the improvement of customer service, the service provided to clients.

It is convenient and efficient for clients to be able to make online appointments with your company or organization. Your employees use an electronic calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar or another program), however, it does not offer your clients the option to actually see which times/days are available. Reflex, a developer of appointment software, has found a solution for this!

Switching mobile phones, laptops, PCs or other hardware in a large company requires a lot of organizing. Reflex has software which is very suitable for projects in which a lot of appointments need to be scheduled in a short period of time and provides support for such a process. Service providing IT-companies such as Unisys and Scholten Awater make full use of this.

After the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Amsterdam, Radboud University in Nijmegen now also works with Reflex Appointment XL. With this online software from Reflex organizations can manage the flow of appointments properly