Reflex Booking has received a new addition to the software which enables guests to book per month. Hotel Jansen in Amsterdam is going to be the first organization to use this. This new accommodation located on the Valschermkade, not far from the Olympic Stadium, will open its doors coming August and will offer this possibility to (international) students who wish to stay in Amsterdam for one or more months to study, or for an internship. The hotel has 167 upholstered hotel rooms, and has all modern conveniences, with catering facilities on the ground floor.

Within a year or two, the majority of the bookings of vacation accommodation will be done via mobile internet, states Therefore, it is essential for property owners to design the website to accommodate this.

This month Reflex has added a convenient and pleasant application to the Reflex Booking package. From now on, guests have the additional option: ‘My reservation’. In the usual email confirmation following a reservation, a link is added with which the gust concerned can directly visit his/her personal page.

Reviews from your guests are becoming increasingly important as a link to inform and entice potential clients. The online questionnaire-tool of Reflex Booking is now directly integrated in the program. With one click, you will have insight into the results of the questionnaires which have been filled in online.

David Porcel is the new sales partner of Reflex Booking for the Spanish recreational housing market. He speaks excellent Spanish and has built up a network in Spain as buyer of accommodations for David is currently working hard, under the name Easy Rental Software (ERS).

As first Dutch supplier of rental software – for medium sized accommodation property owners and vacation parks in particular – Reflex Booking has realized a direct connection with and This means that the actual situation of rentals is always visible, which prevents mistakes and double bookings.