About Reflex

Convenient, fast and efficient

The consumer is king. We want information to be available anytime and anywhere, and that making bookings, appointments and reservations is easy, fast and efficient. We want you to be able to make them everywhere, at any time and via any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Companies and organizations face the challenge to offer their customers that service. Reflex helps you with that. Our company has grown over the past ten years into a leading specialist in the development of user-friendly, secure and fast software for making bookings, appointments and reservations. Reflex software is also very reliable and easy to maintain.

Quick to learn

We are able to give quality service to hundreds of customers and thousands of users, who together make millions of bookings because of the high quality of the Reflex applications. We are proud of the continuous improvements being made to the user interface. As the number of customers and users grows, we see the number of questions decreasing, which is a clear sign that the Reflex software is simple and intuitive to use. The handy help function within our programs contributes to this. We also arranged the helpdesk to be efficient and accessible.

Easy to link to existing systems

Our experienced developers are at the forefront of their field, using the very latest methods and technologies. Whether it concerns holiday parks, retail chains or educational institutions, they create smart connections between systems and connect databases and agendas in a convenient way. This makes the availability of people, services and products transparent and visible online, preventing many unnecessary phone calls and emails. Because the system records all bookings, appointments and reservations, you will also receive summaries that provide useful insights.


The Reflex software runs in the cloud and is multi-tenanted, which has a number of advantages. You don’t have to install software yourself or purchase additional hardware such as servers because our software is fitted into your pre-existing systems. We also ensure trouble-free, automatic updates and continually search for innovative, even better methods based on the wishes and experiences of our users. For example, we do this by developing apps, thinking of new solutions and adding useful functionalities, which will then in turn benefit all our users via the updates we provide.

Safety first

In addition to ease of use and maintenance, reliability and speed; safety at Reflex is of paramount importance. Reflex software is hosted by Windows Azure from Microsoft. This reliable and secure cloud service is fully ISO certified and meets all requirements. Our contract with Windows Azure ensures that all data stays within Europe. Reflex also conducts annual penetration tests by an external party to ensure that third parties can not access your data.

The team

With a dozen employees, Reflex is a small company with very committed employees in every department. The lines of communication are short, both internally and externally. We know our users and are constantly ready for them. In addition to this, we are always open to the wishes of customers and suggestions for adjustments and improvements.