Reflex Facility Meeting room scheduling software

Reflex Facility Meeting room scheduling software is easy to use and answers the pressing questions like:

  • Who has made or changed the booking?
  • What is the occupancy rate?
  • Which facility is used the most?
  • How can I charge the usage to?
  • Why is facility never available?

Facility Meeting room scheduling

Reflex also offers interesting solutions for optimizing resources within your organization. In this case your employees are the customers that can experience the value of efficiency. Reflex has developed software for booking meeting rooms online. It has all the necessary features and is much easier to use than traditional facility management solutions

User profiles

A flexible module enabled you to determine who can book facilities, confirm bookings or change bookings.

Real-time information

Reflex software can integrate with lobby screens so that your visitors or employees can see where a particular meeting is scheduled.

Online booking via smartphone

  • Easy to use
  • Multi lingual
  • You can book extra's like beamer, lunch or coffee

Koppeling met vergaderzaalscherm

  • Inzicht in gebruik van de zaal, door wie, tot wanneer.
  • Aanmelden bij aanvang meeting, indien niet aangemeld wordt zaal weer vrijgegeven.
  • Afmelden bij einde vergadering.