Online booking via smartphone

  • Easy to use
  • Multi lingual
  • You can book extra's like beamer, lunch or coffee

For efficient use of meeting rooms

No more confusion or interrupted meetings. A tablet sized touchscreen located at the meeting room clearly indicates whether the room is occupied or free. If the room is occupied, the screen shows the organizer and the subject of the meeting. With a simple action the meeting room can be released after the meeting. If the meeting room is free then it is possible to reserve the space or to extend the meeting on site.

The room screen can be used as an extension of your Reflex RoomManager reservation system, but can also be easily linked to Office 365, Outlook and Google Calendar as a module. The indoor screen guarantees better use of the meeting rooms and ensures a fresh and professional appearance of your premises.

Look and feel

You have invested in a recognizable and professional logo of your company or institution. A good logo creates a positive association with your company; it gives your business an identity and a face. We ensure that this recognisability is accurately reflected in our screens